AI that is 15 years in the making…

Ida understands your Enterprise and Campus systems better than the people who created them. Ida is a next generation digital worker, enabling the conversational enterprise. Ida was designed by  IntraSee, a division of  Gideon Taylor.

The premise for Ida is simple. In today’s world, people no longer want to point and click their way through your complex internal systems. Instead, they want to have a conversation. Just like they would with a human, but without the wait times or being passed from one department to another. Or getting answers that make no sense because the person answering the question wasn’t aware of all the procedures and policies that applied to you.

“Technology should work for people, not the other way around. Ida understands how to interact with your employees, managers, students, and faculty/advisors.”

“The new navigation is no navigation. Conversations 24/7, 365 days of the year, with no wait times, and in your language of choice.”

Enterprise Solutions

  • “Show me my last paycheck.”
  • “I need to be out for a period of time due to sickness, what do I do?”
  • “I need to set my performance eval goals.”
  • “I need to approve some job requisitions.”
  • “I’d like to move Mike to Sally’s team and give him a 10% raise.”

Campus Solutions

  • “Can you look up my econ assignment grades?”
  • “What is the deadline to drop CS 101?”
  • “What financial aid awards have I been given?”
  • “Is there anything I still have to do?”
  • “How are Dan Freeman’s grades this semester?”

Ida Demo

See what our digital assistant can do.

What Ida can do for you…


Ida is a digital worker that understands your Enterprise systems, can answer any question, retrieve data & reports, and perform complex transactions.


Ida works in 100 languages, and in multiple channels such as Web, Voice, SMS and Microsoft Teams.


Ida seamlessly and securely fits into hybrid cloud and on-premise architectures, is GDPR compliant, and is automated to understand your requirements in a matter of weeks.


She will reduce calls to your help desk and your highly paid departmental experts. And will be available 24/7, 365 days of the year, and will never call in sick.


Ida is the perfect digital colleague. She is always available, never has a bad day and only needs to be taught something once. She has an infinite capacity for learning that can be monitored, measured, and easily trained.


Ida is built to be a one-stop-shop. She can handle queries covering every department, interact with live agents and hand off to specialist chatbots. Go ahead, ask Ida anything!

What is special about Ida…

Automation + Middleware

  • Built via automation using a metadata driven middleware
  • Configured for your specific use-cases
  • Patched, upgraded, and rebuilt in minutes
  • Reduces human maintenance by 90%
  • Supports Enterprise level requirements out-of-the-box
  • Library of skills and integrations out of the box

Scalable “understandING model”

  • Accurately responds to thousands of questions
  • Machine learning and Generative AI driven
  • Automated regression testing/learning/monitoring
  • Integrated feedback loop for supervised learning
  • Dedicated training mode to speed learning
  • Supports multi-dimensional categorization of knowledge

Advanced multi-lingual capability

  • Supports both generic and specialized language support
  • Powered by Google Translate or Microsoft Translator
  • Capability to train model in non-english

Advanced Microsoft Teams support

  • Proactive conversations
  • Complex data input
  • Workflow and event management

Multi-platform concierge

  • Ida can transfer questions to different chatbots including:
  • OpenAI GPT
  • IBM Watson
  • Google Dialogflow
  • Microsoft LUIS

Cloud and on-premise Enterprise Integration

  • Integrates with cloud and on-premise Enterprise systems
  • Built for a hybrid cloud environment
  • Handles SSO, security, role, and privacy rules
  • Can integrate with legacy and custom-built applications