15 years in the making, Ida understands your Enterprise and Campus systems better than the people who created them. Ida is a next generation digital worker, enabling the conversational enterprise.

The premise is simple. In today’s world, people no longer want to point and click their way through your complex internal systems. Instead, they want to have a conversation. Just like they would with a human, but without the wait times or being passed from one department to another. Or getting answers that make no sense because the person answering the question wasn’t aware of all the procedures and policies that applied to you.

In this new world, people just want to ask a question, and get an immediate answer. And know that the answer is right.  

  • Show me my last paycheck.
  • What if I need to be out for a period of time due to sickness?
  • Have my grades been posted?
  • I need to approve some job requsitions
  • I’d like to move mike to sally’s team and give him a 10% raise

Ida is a digital worker that understands your Enterprise systems and can answer any question, retrieve data and reports, and perform complex transactions. And do this in 100 languages, and in multiple channels. Web, Messaging, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Ida seamlessly and securely fits into hybrid cloud and on-premise architectures, is GDPR compliant, and is automated to understand your requirements in a matter of weeks.

She will reduce calls to your help desk and your highly paid departmental experts. And will be available 24/7, 365 days of the year, and will never call in sick.

And Ida is the perfect digital colleague who always knows the right way to do things, and only needs to be taught something once. And has an infinite capacity for learning that can be monitored, measured, and easily trained.

And, even better, Ida can be the perfect concierge for all the other digital assets your organization has. Your one place that understands everything.

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“We are so grateful we found Aabha. Having her navigate the project made all the difference.”

Paul F – San Fransisco

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